OpenSim core functions

We are working on OpenSim core scripting API to add some exciting functions to in-world scripting. This is devel work, may and may not be include in devel branch, and may or may not be included in the next release. osGetInventoryLandmarkParams: read more parameters from landmark, including url to integrate with local chat and teleport…

Avatar as OpenID key

There is a lot of discussions about using or not OpenID or OAuth to login to opensim servers. But what about the inverse process? We worked out a in-house solution, using a web server with access to OpenSim’s MySQL database… More after the break. We still think the way to go would be to debug and enhance the core module of OpenSim, so suggestions are still welcome.

Rolling update to 0.7.3 and new server

After a couple of days testing the new release, we decided to launch the rolling update of all sims. We take this oppportunity to move them all on a new, more powerful server.

The update process has been prepared so that it will take only a few minutes for each sim.

We found out the 0.7.3 release was working pretty well, we only found one bug with a NPC function. Not enough to stop march of progress. (I will just have to wait a little bit before deploying the amazing outfit vendor I am working on).

Experimenting de-centralized grid

OpenSim is supposed to be working with de-centralized server, that’s the goal of a grid, right? So, theorically, I should be able to run a region in a grid, while using another grid’s authentication server. And inventory and assets servers.

Opensim 0.7.3 upgrade in progress

We are currently in the process of upgrading the servers to OpenSimulator 0.7.3 release. Currently, one of our server has been migrated, and we are checking if everything is going fine before making a rolling upgrade of all regions. We are quite excited by new features and optimizations included in this release and we are confident…

Region crash on Residences

“Residences” server crashed today. It’s fixed now and we fine-tuned the monitoring to ensure a faster region restart, should it occur again. If you have idea of what could have caused the crash, contact us… Monitoring is in beta stage 😉

Money, money, money

Warning: money in use inside is monkey money. There is now way to buy virtual currency, nor to resell it. We have put in place money exclusively for virtual transactions, as a test, and maybe we could implement real payments in the future. Upon avatar creation, each avatar receives a basic amount to be…

Grand Place

As welcome area, we thing to reproduce Brussels’ Grand Place. Not only is this place really beautiful, but it is also a symbol for us, as a beautiful spot to meet people coming from everywhere. Of course, the combination of Gothic, Baroque and Louis XIV styles doesn’t make things easy, and we could make some time to achieve this work. However, you can already have a sneak preview.