Goodbye Grand Place, welcome… thing

After years keeping the same (nearly unaltered) welcome area for Speculoos grid, we finally got rid of it and made room for freebie shops, available for free ton anyone. The catch? Don’t distribute copycats (or illegal copies). While we believe in sharing and free products, we also respect creators. And be there from time to…, the HYPEvents reloaded

2DO is a new fork of late HYPEvents project. It brings together the events of several grids and spread the calendar in-world via a TP board or on the web. So it comes in two flavors: a teleporter board, featuring the ongoing and near future events in-world (and allowing to get there with a click).…

OpenSim WordPress module

OpenSim WordPress plugin allows to connect a WordPress website to OpenSimulator grid or standalon server. It’s a starting project, for now it just gives a way to display grid info and status on a page, but the goal is to have the features of a web interface, particularly managing users and regions. latest release…

Transition to new website, registration disabled

We are rethinking the website totally (simplifying a lot actually). In the meantime (and I don’t want to be mean but it could be a long time) the registration via the website is suspended. If you need a new account, you can contact me. To get future updates, subscribe to the mailing list.